To Newport:
Newport is located on the Central Oregon Coast. Traveling north or south on Hwy 101 if you are on the coast will find you in Newport. From the valley, using highway 20 is the direct route across, but using Hwy 18, 26, or 126 will get you to the coast, then you can use Hwy 101 to make it to Newport.

To the Gallery:
Once in Newport, you will need to proceed to the Bayfront. Follow Hwy 101 to the south end of town, then take the last right turn before you cross the bridge. This will be just meters from the bridge as the lanes split. Follow the street under the bridge and then take the first right. This will lead you past the historic Coast Guard station. Take the street to the right just past the station and the gallery will be on your left on the corner. Click on the map to the right to view a map provided by Mapquest. Address: 856 SW Bay Blvd., Newport, Oregon 97365.

To the Studio:
Once in Newport, you will need to head across the bridge to South Beach. Follow Hwy 101 to the south end of town, then follow it across the Newport Bay Bridge. Once across the bridge, take a left at the first stoplight at the corner of 32nd and Hwy 101. Take a right at the end of the street, and then your first left onto 35th st. The studio is one block onto 35th st. at the corner of 35th and Chestnut st. It is the grey building on the north west side.